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Pastoral Beef Cattle and Beef Feedlots 

Agribiz provides veterinary, consulting, research, nutrition, animal welfare, hygiene and biosecurity services to leading animal agri-businesses and service providers worldwide. 

Veterinary Services


  • Comprehensive health management consulting service including live export / transportation of beef cattle

  • Disease diagnostics and epidemiology

  • Advice on veterinary medicines, vaccines and health programs

  • Low antibiotic usage programs and strategies

  • Biosecurity and hygiene inspections and monitoring programs

  • Animal welfare inspections including advice on best practice animal welfare strategies

Purchasing, Approvals, Transport and Exporting


  • Advice on animal selection and purchasing to satisfy market requirements

  • Assistance in sourcing of animals according to international export standards

  • Advice on the supply of semen and embryos

  • Advice on live export procedures and transport programs


Greenfield Developments / Business Expansion / Project Management


  • Project management of large integrations from concept / prefeasibility / feasibility / scoping / financial control systems / market access / site selection / approvals / tenders / construction / commissioning of complete beef feedlot or beef pastoral supply chains

  • Meat by product processing plants, e.g. offal, hide and meat and bone meal production

  • Economic analysis, financial modelling and business plans

  • Design of beef feedlots including construction advice of abattoirs

  • The design of beef and veal feedlots including specifications for dimensions, equipment, feed and water storage, services, alarms, controllers, cooling and ventilation systems including construction advice of abattoirs

  • Preparation of building and development applications

  • Project management of construction

  • Advice on feedlot information systems

  • Site based management environment plans

  • Best practice management of odour, effluent and solid waste materials

  • Advice on sustainability, energy management and biogas systems 


Nutritional Services


  • Nutritional inspections of beef feed lots including pastoral operations

  • Least cost ration formulations to optimise profitability for feedlots

  • Nutrient supplementation strategies

  • Pasture management and feedlot ration formulation

  • Feed ingredients / commodities, handling, quality assurance and storage strategies

  • Forage crop management, storage and silage

  • Selection of feed mixing and handling equipment

  • Gross margin analysis

  • Feed milling systems 

General and Operations Management


  • Advice on sales and marketing strategies

  • Advice on financial reporting to manage beef supply chains

  • Benchmark KPI’s of leading beef operations

  • Analysis of product mix, margins and optimisation of profit

  • Value adding, packaging and marketing of products

  • Operational planning


Quality and Inspection Services


  • Beef feedlots, logistics and holding yards

  • By-product, value adding and further processing plants

  • HACCP, GMP, quality manuals, hygiene, biosecurity plans and audits

  • Standard work instructions, staff training and internal controls

  • Abattoir hygiene standards and inspections

  • Quality Assurance programs for export approval 

Marketing and Supply Chain Management


  • Supply chain audits and support services

  • Complete supply chain supporting services, including marketing and management advice and supply chain audits, e.g. product mix, margin analysis and optimisation of profit

  • Value adding of products, packaging and marketing

  • Recall and traceability systems

Farming Management


  • Advice of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of all stages of beef production

  • Advice on developing leading methods for farming cattle

  • Advice regarding facilities and farming equipment

  • Assessment of the capability of personnel, farm management and staff

  • Advice regarding optimising animal comfort and seasonal strategies

  • Advice on improving feed efficiency and farm productivity

Beef Production and Animal Welfare Research


  • Assessment of growth rate and feed efficiency

  • Addressing animal welfare concerns

  • Monitoring of animal production environments

  • Measurement of animal welfare during transport and holding

Feed Lot Manager Training


  • Monitoring of cattle and sheep comfort levels

  • Reading and using psychometric charts

  • Temperature and Humidity Index

  • Feed storage strategies for feed lots

  • How to operate ventilation and cooling systems for feed lots

  • The early detection of disease and treating sick animals

  • Assessment of animal welfare

  • Optimising the environment controllers for animal comfort

  • Management of moisture and manure in feedlots

  • Heat transfer, ventilation and feedlot structures

  • Understanding how to read local weather data

  • Developing effective biosecurity programs

  • Developing effective animal welfare programs

  • Effective newborn and weaning practices

  • Developing effective hygiene programs

  • Optimising finishing growth rates

  • How to understand and calculate beef operation KPI’s

  • Understanding vaccination programs and immunity

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