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AGRIBIZ is committed to promoting “environmentally sound and sustainable developments. AGRIBIZ believes that environmental and social sustainability is a fundamental aspect of achieving outcomes consistent with its transition mandate and recognises that projects that foster environmental and social sustainability rank among the highest priorities of its activities.

Environment and Social Responsibility


The Agribiz team provides specialised services across the following areas: 


  • Water planning and management to support project approvals

  • Water sensitive urban design

  • Hydrological and hydraulic modelling

  • Hydrogeological investigations

  • Groundwater characterisation and monitoring

  • Aquifer modelling

  • Surface water monitoring (quantity and quality)

  • Water balances and water use efficiency

  • Alternate non-potable water schemes

  • Dewatering management and approvals 

  • Land capability assessments for onsite effluent treatment and disposal

  • Groundwater licence allocation applications and reporting

  • Groundwater operating strategies

  • Nutrient and irrigation management plans

  • Aquatic ecosystems assessment and management 


The Agribiz team provides specialised services across the following areas:


  • Level 1 and 2 base line flora and vegetation surveys

  • Targeted flora surveys (Threatened and Priority Flora)

  • Plant taxonomy

  • Level 1 and 2 fauna surveys

  • Wet land and water way assessment and management

  • Weed surveys and management plans

  • Vegetation community mapping and statistic analysis

  • Vegetation condition mapping

  • Ecological restoration and management

  • Ecological research and data collection

  • Dieback assessments and management

  • Biodiversity off sets

  • Ecological monitoring programs to address statutory or internal environmental management requirements 

Environmental Planning & Management 

We are experienced and familiar with working for the following sectors:


  • Land use planning,property and urban development

  • Industrial development

  • Resources and mining

  • Natural resource management

  • Intensive agriculture and food processing 

The Environmental Planning & Management Team provides specialised services in the following areas: 


  • Pre-commitment environmental due diligence advice

  • Environmental policy and legislative review

  • Expert opinion and advice

  • Project/operational environmental constraints,issues and opportunity assessments

  • Strategic project environmental scoping and baseline study planning to support project environmental approvals

  • Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 referrals and assessments

  • Compliance auditing and reporting

  • Environmental Protection Act 1986 approvals, permits & licences

  • Support for Planning and Development Act 2005 approvals (scheme amendments, subdivision and development approvals)

  • Preparation of management strategies and plans to satisfy approval conditions (for the management of areas of wetland, foreshore, vegetation)

  • Visual amenity impact assessments

  • Sustainability assessments and certification schemes (UDIA

    Enviro Development, GBCA Greenstar Neighbourhoods) 

Contaminated Land & Acid Sulfate Soils 


The Agribiz Contaminated Land & Acid Sulfate Soils Team provides specialised services across the following areas:


  • Due diligence assessment and advice

  • Advice for achieving compliance with the Contaminated Sites Act 2003

  • Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI)

  • Detailed Site Investigations (DSI)

  • Site remediation planning and implementation

  • Ground water quality assessment and monitoring

  • Hazardous materials assessment and management

  • Field investigations,site monitoring and reporting

  • Waste characterisation and minimisation

  • Land fill management and monitoring

  • Acid sulfate soil investigations and management plans

  • Dewatering licence applications and operating strategies

  • Acid sulfate soil assessments,management plans, preparation and implementation, monitoring and reporting associated with Acid Sulfate Soil Management Plans 

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