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Pig Farming

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Agribiz Pty Ltd is an international management and technical resource company, specialising in agribusiness. We employ and engage experienced professionals, associate professors, veterinary researchers, project managers, general managers, operations managers, consultants that have decades of practical and technical experience in leading animal agribusiness businesses.

Specialist services offered by Agribiz


Agribiz provides veterinary, consulting, research, nutrition, animal welfare, hygiene and biosecurity services to leading animal agri-businesses and service providers worldwide.

Project Management & Infrastructure Design 



  • The development of production planning, budgets and KPI and cost reporting systems for animal agribusinesses

  • Complete animal production supply chain management including the ongoing support of animal production and health specialists

  • Develop programs designed to improve cost efficiency and farm productivity

  • Provide agribusiness appraisals and the development of business plans

  • Abattoirs, processing plants including cost efficiency and productivity analysis

  • The development of sustainable farming practices including land, water and waste management

Veterinary​ / Nutrition

  • Optimise animal health and production

  • Disease diagnostics and epidemiology

  • Advice on veterinary medicines, vaccines and health programs

  • Low / no antibiotic usage programs and strategies

  • Biosecurity inspections and programs

  • Hygiene inspections and programs

  • Animal welfare inspections and programs

  • Animal nutrition and feed commodity selection

  • Inspections of animal production and feed supply chains

  • Least cost ration formulations to optimise profitability

  • Optimising practices in feed mills including feed storage and logistics

  • Selection of feed milling equipment

  • Routine analysis of chemistry tests for raw materials and finished feeds

Consulting Services

Hygiene, Biosecurity and Food Safety


  • Farm hygiene inspections

  • Hygiene inspections

  • Food safety inspections

  • ATP testing of surfaces and water

  • The development of leading hygiene, biosecurity, food safety and HACCP based animal production programs

  • Staff training

  • Animal Research

  • AGRIBIZ can conduct research of animal production systems to improve animal welfare, product quality, animal health, antibiotic usage and farm hygiene

Animal Welfare


  • Animal welfare inspections

  • Develop effective animal welfare production systems

  • Staff training programs

  • Remote online animal production monitoring systems

  • Agricultural engineering advise for optimising the environments for animal production including the design of sheds, equipment selection and development of farms

General and Operations Management


  • Advice on sales and marketing strategies

  • Advice on financial reporting to manage animal agribusiness operations

  • Benchmark KPI’s of leading animal agribusinesses

  • Analysis of product mix, margins and optimisation of profit

  • Value adding, packaging and marketing of products

  • Operational planning strategy


For a detailed description of our specific intense animal serivces visit our indivudiaul statment of capabilities.


For more in depth service information on a specific animal , simply click on the relevent animal icon above.

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